CI Abogados, S.C. (“CI Abogados”) is a boutique law firm
specialized in real estate, construction, corporate and contractual transactional matters in Mexico.

Gerardo was my attorney when he was at Baker & McKenzie. So when he started his new firm I went with him.
Gerardo is smart and understands what is needed to get issues solved. There is nothing “lost in transaltion”.
Gerardo is a very qualified attorney.

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1) The service rendered is white glove, meaning there was hand holding, and frequent updates, did not feel as if we did not know where we were. 2) The depth of knowledge in terms of both law but also practicality was impressive. Informed us on the real outcome and things to expect. 3) In addition, CI asked the questions so that CI influence will have positive impact on the transaction in the future, such as minimizing taxes and problems in transferring assets in the future.

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It has been a positive experience. With other lawyers we have worked with, they do not commit and do not comply with our specific needs. We have to keep reminding them of our urgencies.

We have developed a professional and personal relationship with lawyers and personnel of the firm due to their professionalism and dedication. We feel we are part of their firm.

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I had a very positive experience. I found the staff both knowledgeable and professional. I found the legal help both comforting and efficient. My results were favorable.

As a foreigner making an investment in Mexico, my concerns and worries were quickly put to rest in a manner I have grown accustomed to in the USA.

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I think the understanding that CI has with both the US/Canada and Mexican cultures is a huge competitive advantage.

I needed help with a condo association issue that we were having. Gerardo went above and beyond and solved our problem. I was specifically impressed with the opinion that I received from CI Abogados. It was extremely thorough and very well written. The condo association board was also impressed with his work.

I think CI Abogados does things the correct way. Gerardo is very thorough and believes in having all real estate/legal matters handled correctly so that there are no issues moving forward… one thing I realized after working with CI is that you need to make sure to do things right the first time which is why I would use CI again.

Gerardo understands how to communicate clearly. He understood my needs and was a good counselor through the process. I have all the confidence that he will continue to provide great service to all of his clients. I even referred a few friends to him which is the best compliment a person can give.

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We received excellent service from CI Abogados. Gerardo Martinez was very prompt in responding to us when we first reached out to him, and he and his colleagues were meticulous and efficient in sizing up our situation. They then quickly made clear, useful recommendations to us, and did so within the budgetary constraints we explained to them we were under. No other lawyers we have worked with in Mexico have been as thoroughly professional as Gerardo. We haven’t always had the necessary budget to avail ourselves of the level of professionalism Gerardo and CI Abogados have exhibited in our work with them so far, but when our challenges have called for it, we have been and expect to continue to be in good hands with Gerardo and his colleagues.

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Crisp and clean execution. Detailed proposal with tasks and deadlines established. US style proficiency and timely execution. Promises made: promises kept. Typical Mexican firms cannot be, in my opinion trusted: they are more interested in themselves than their clients.

Professional execution. This firm should be used for important transactions.

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Gerardo Martinez was introduced to me by a very good friend about a year ago, and I have been using his services since then.

I must say that Gerardo is the best attorney I have been associated with in Mexico. he does what he says he will do, and he does it intelligently, accurately and promptly.

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A clear and understandable assessment of a complicated and uncertain legal situation was required to help guide a local HOA through a difficult transition. The formal assessment presented and CI’s service during the investigation to produce the assessment checked the boxes on time, on budget and achieved this efficiently (i.e. without superfluous additional consultancy hours to run up the bill further). This is in sharp contrast to what is unfortunately the typical scenario of missed deadlines in many local law firms: poorly defined and expressed information and very uneven commitment to projects which results in additional expense and time wasted.

No other local law firm I know of bothers to take client surveys or find out their clients’ experience of services provided!

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A close friend recommended CI Abogados, as the best firm in the Vallarta area… I have recommended the firm many times to friends . I agree with my friend, CI is the best firm in the Vallarta area.

My experience was extremely positive in every way. In the past my experience with lawyers in Mexico had been quite negative, dishonest, time consuming, charged considerably more than agreed upon, took forever, etc.

I moved to Mexico 35 years ago from the US. I soon learned how important a good, honest, attorney is when one is living in a county were the language, customs, and laws are totally different from ones experience from the past. I highly recommend CI Abogados, for the first time I feel confident dealing in real estate, buying or selling, plus other business dealings.

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En CI Abogados encontré un equipo de trabajo responsable, profesional, honesto y siempre dispuestos a apoyarme en cualquier situación, definitivamente es el mejor equipo en la bahia y me complace recomendarlos ampliamente, su servicio es impecable…La honestidad y buen servicio son el distintivo de CI

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I met Gerardo when he was working for Baker and McKinsey in their Guadalajara office. He represented me during the purchase of our condominium at the Peninsula in Puerto Vallarta…I can tell you from dealing with Gerardo, the lines of communication are excellent and his English is impeccable. Also, having spent many of his youth years in the United States, Gerardo has a complete understanding of the American culture and how we think. This allows him to bring a unique blend of both the American and Mexican cultures when dealing with legal issues or contract negotiations.

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Our experience was extremely positive. We were walk in clients. Mr. Martinez-Orozco interrupted what he was doing to hear our plight. He said that the firm usually takes clients by referral but he would take on our case. Our previous experience with lawyers has been only in the US. Mr. Martinez-Orozco’s and the rest of the staff treated us with respect, compassion and understanding….We wanted to cancel a contract we had entered into for a fractional ownership of a property. Mr. Martinez was very thorough. He took all of the necessary steps to successfully cancel the contract. His thoroughness was evidenced by our success. Our contract was cancelled within the five days allowed by law to cancel. We went home confident that the few things remaining to be done would be and they have been.

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CI Abogados provides a unique vision and invaluable experience.